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The World's #1 RMM Solution

See why over 100,000 users depend on VSA daily for superior IT management.

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Kaseya VSA supercharges IT teams by eliminating inefficiency with all-in-one endpoint management, automation, and protection so you can get ahead of the curve.

Network Monitoring Tools Manage Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

Say goodbye to tool fragmentation!

  • Manage ALL DEVICES including mobile, business IoT and beyond.
  • Support ALL ENVIRONMENTS on premise, cloud and hybrid.
  • Perform ALL ENDPOINT FUNCTIONS in a single, easy-to-use interface.
Person with Atom Automated IT Efficiency

Close tickets in record time

  • Automate HUNDREDS of TASKS to supercharge tech efficiency.
  • Employ AUTOMATED WORKFLOWS to accelerate ticketing, security and backup.
  • Standardize BEST PRACTICES to guarantee excellent service delivery.
Do More. Spend Less.

Never question the value of your RMM again

  • Spend 30% LESS than conventional RMM solutions.
  • Accomplish the work of 3+ IT TOOLS IN 1.
  • Enjoy a SIMPLE PRICING MODEL, adaptable for any endpoint type.
Security Shield Protect Every Endpoint

Remove security concerns from the equation

  • Enhance THREAT DETECTION with EDR, Managed SOC, DDoS, WAF, AV & more.
  • Control access with ENFORCED 2FA.

Manage IT on-the-go with the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App

Get IT done faster on the go with the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App. Create, update and close service tickets. Execute VSA agent procedures (automation scripts). Get IT Glue organizational data. All in one mobile app.

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Product Add-Ons


Kaseya Unified Backup (KUB)

Deploy the world’s best DRaaS and BDR services in an integrated appliance-based platform

Unified Backup

Antivirus & Anti-Malware

Deploy and manage AV/AM solutions to secure your endpoints

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

Office 365 Backup

Automate backup, restore and reporting for O365 data

Office 365 Backup

Third-Party Patch Management

Manage third-party software patches

Patch Management Software

Kaseya VSA is the Foundation of Our IT Complete Platform


BMS Integration

Optimize your daily technician efficiency with 30% fewer tickets that are resolved 40% faster. See how VSA and BMS work better together.

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VSA Audit & Inventory Product Brief Hero

IT Glue Integration

Get contextual information right in VSA. Access procedures, passwords and information related to the asset or organization in under 3 clicks.

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Take IT Automation to the Next Level Cover

Automation Exchange

Kaseya’s Community driven IT automation portal contains over 500 out-of-the-box scripts, monitors and templates to help you work faster.

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Customer Reviews
Review by Racey C.
I can do more in VSA than if I’m physically seated at the endpoint

Kaseya makes what could otherwise be a huge project super easy stuff. VSA is probably the most important force multiplier in my environment. Our workforce is increasingly mobile and regularly have a huge number of endpoints not sitting directly on the LAN. The ability to continue managing them fairly effectively is excellent.

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Review by Sean M.
My job would be a nightmare without Kaseya VSA

I like the simplicity of executing tasks once they are automated and configure all since the same dashboard. Also, I like the history that you keep of the process after each task had been executed. From the audit perspective, the way that you check the log of the last tasks executed and changes applied to a server. Solves core problems like patching the users and servers in our organizations, it simplifies completely the process and reporting in general.

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Jacobs Engineering Group

Featured Case Study

Jacobs Engineering Group Leverages Kaseya VSA to Automate IT Management

Jacobs Engineering Group is a world leader in design, engineering, construction and technical services, delivering end-to-end innovative solutions that provide superior value to its clients. One business unit in the company uses Kaseya for IT management. This group mostly works in the aeronautical field with NASA and the Department of Defense. Travis Graef, Assistant System Administrator, is one of the six people in the organization’s IT Team. His areas of responsibility run the gamut of everyday IT operations tasks.

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