A talented digital artist has designed a brilliant Monki skin concept for a Fortnite character, which looks incredible and faithful to the game’s style. That’s something Epic Games should make note of, although reportedly, the company is considering a couple of other exciting new skins for playable characters.

As revealed during the ongoing Fortnite vs. Apple legal case, Epic Games has potential plans to add Metroid’s Samus Aran, the famous Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson, and even Naruto as new Fortnite skins. It is worth noting that “The Rock” was mentioned as a hypothetical new cosmetic for Q1 2021, which might’ve already happened considering that The Foundation outfit is presumed to be associated with Johnson. As for Samus Aran, the legendary gaming icon was mentioned as a possible addition alongside already existing Kratos and Master Chief. Funnily, a fan of the battle royale game might have a much better suggestion for a new cosmetic.


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As shared by Dennidavidson on Reddit, the amazing Monki skin concept is too good to not be officially featured in Fortnite. It brilliantly captures the cartoonish style of the popular battle royale game, making the monkey character appear as a true Epic Games work. The silly-looking ape is reminiscent of a common monkey emoji, especially with its simplified face design and the overall color palette. At the same time, the cosmetic concept is seemingly inspired by the popular Peely skin, which is basically a living banana mascot. Each piece of Monki’s equipment is closely tied to the cheerfully yellow character including both back bling and the pickaxe. To complete the set of gear, Monki’s glider should definitely look like an opened banana peel. Additionally, Dennidavidson visualized a couple of alternative facial expressions for the character.

Apart from an enticing fan suggestion for cool Fortnite skin, Epic Games allegedly has a lot planned for the immensely popular battle royale game. The aforementioned legal case revealed another slice of intriguing information in regards to Fortnite’s future content support. Apparently, the company is considering a massive addition of a new gameplay mode, which is referred to as an Open-World Simulation Sandbox. There’s, unfortunately, no further information, but there’s a possibility Epic might introduce a survival playlist via this leaked mode.

Although just a fan concept, the Monki skin is undoubtedly worth Epic Games’ attention. Arguably, the outfit is better than many existing official skins, which is among the few key reasons why the silly ape should be added to Fortnite. It also looks extremely cool, fitting the established style of the game and incorporating existing design solutions. Last but not least, one of Dennidavidson’s works has already been officially recognized by Epic. The Snowbell skin was actually created by the artist as the Codename F.A.E. concept. Here’s hoping Monki will be next.

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Source: Dennidavidson/Reddit

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