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Latest News

Kdenlive 20.12.3 is out

The last maintenance release of the 20.12 series is out with the usual batch of usability and bug fixes. The highlights include lots of polishing of the Subtitling Tool and adding a spell checking feature. The Titler also got a fair amount of usability improvements...

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Kdenlive 20.12.2 available

Kdenlive 20.12.2, part of our monthly bugfix release, is now available and fixes several important issues. Among the changes: Fix copying an effect from a track to another Several fixes/improvements for the newly added subtitle feature: Implement copy/paste Fix broken...

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Kdenlive 20.12.1 is out

The first minor release of the 20.12 series is out with a huge batch of fixes and usability improvements. Effects The ability to select and move multiple keyframes by SHIFT + click drag. Select multiple keyframes with CTRL+ click. Add option to move selected keyframe...

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Kdenlive 20.12 is out!

The team is happy to announce Kdenlive 20.12 release bringing exciting new features like same track transitions, subtitling tool, an overhauled effects layout and the usual batch of bug fixes and usability improvements. Work was done on performance optimizations (by...

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Kdenlive 20.08.3 is out

The third and last minor release of the 20.08 series is out with the usual round of fixes and improvements. Focus is now set on finishing the same track transitions and the subtitler features for the next major release due in December. Please help test the Beta...

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Kdenlive 20.08.2 released

Usually the point releases are for bugfixes but Kdenlive 20.08.2 comes with a set of changes worthy of a major release. Besides some memory leak fixes and usability improvements this versions brings back the automatic scene split feature, adds for the Linux version...

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